EDIT Ø11 - Ikat Pure Pashmina Sofa Throw


This uber-luxurious couch shawl is made of 100% pure pashmina and is a stunning piece of investment given its unique design. The  Ikat dyed warp makes this particular piece extremely unique and coveted.  The fiber in this throw is the finest cashmere from the Changra goat in Kashmir and Ladakh, India and its ends are finished with a natural fringe. 


100% Pure Pashmina in IKAT Weave
54 x 108 Inches
Dry clean only. Warm iron. Store In The Luxurious Bag Provided. 

Difference between Cashmere and Pashmina?

Pashmina is obtained from the fibres of the Changthangi breed of goats while Cashmere comes from other breeds.  Pashmina is exclusively made from a specific breed of mountain goat called Capra Hircus which makes Pashmina is a variety of Cashmere. Pashmina fibre is thinner that is 10-15 microns and the basic Cashmere fabric has 15-19 microns diameter. The goats are not hurt in the process and live happy lives tended to by traditional goatherd. 

Colours may vary due to lighting conditions and given its cashmere, variations and imperfections will be there. 

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