Bedroom Decoration Ideas To Update Your Home For Summer

Bedroom decoration ideas

Were you thinking of bedroom decor ideas? Well, we heard your inner voice. Summer berries, May romances, PIMMS till the last glistening rays. And then when you head in, the softest, coolest palettes in your bedroom.

We paint a pretty picture, don’t we? Well, what if we tell you that your own boudoir can be transformed into a summer haven. So be it the whites and blues of Santorini, or the coastal splendour of Maldives, or even the romance of a secret summer garden, we got you covered. With a few easy changes listed below, you can recreate your favourite summer mood in your own bedroom.


Your bed is a blank canvas and you are the artist, so begin from here. Firstly pack away the flannels, the dark colour bedding and of course the heavy blankets. Then invest in some crisp cool cotton sheets with a respectable thread count ranging between 300-500. Just for your knowledge, 400 is considered optimal by many leading experts. In fact, higher thread counts have also been found too insulating for summers. Our personal pick? Our classic luxury hotel bedding which has been inspired by hotel-style bedding, and designed to be your perfect summer companion.

Bedroom decoration tips


Believe us, nothing is more of a turn off than synthetics sheets, including something like microfibre which may feel soft to touch. For summers you need serene, soft and supple natural fibres like cotton or flax linen. Linen sheets have been the hottest trend for the past few years and are here to stay. Not only is flax linen bedding highly Instagrammable, but it is naturally cooling and moisture-absorbing. Our Pick? Our collection of  Pure Linen Sheets that have been designed for the scorching Indian Summer and available in four variants.

bedroom decorating tips


So you have the sheets sorted, now what comes next? Well, now you need to to be ready for the cool blast, as you crank up that air-conditioner of your Those wool blankets are a no go, so do invest in a lightweight summer quilt, or a muslin dohar or even a cotton coverlet. Pastel cotton quilts which are breathable like our GLOBALIST BLUSH SET will help in achieving the perfect summer vibe. Remember light layering is the key here, so choose natural fabrics, cool colours and please stay away from velvets and animal prints!


Add just the right amount of colour with some decorative accessories. So while your base ( the bed in this case) can be minimalist with shades of whites and grey, your accessories should have just the right pop of colour. So buy some watery blues or nautical cushions, or a funky fuchsia vase, or opt for a brightly hued tray which can store your knick-knacks. Our tip? Have fun with the accents but don’t go too crazy!


Ditch those heavy velvets or dark coloured curtains and blinds. Instead, go for something natural like linen or cotton. You can also opt for just sheers so that you get in some daylight. Pro Tip? Semi-sheer curtains also act as natural alarm clocks, as you get to wake up with the morning sun gently streaming in.


Wall art in the form of photographs, prints or fabric hangings can make or break a room. To stick to the summer theme in bedroom decor ideas, you need to ensure your wall hangings are light and airy. Our recommendation? Crafted pieces in natural fibres, spring/summer colour palette paintings or even floral photo prints in white frames.


Nothing says summer more than some fresh flowers or potted plants. Plants and flowers will not only bring fresh vibrancy to the bedroom but also purify the air as added bonus. Ensure that your bedroom plants get enough light and do not forget to water those babies frequently! Our pick? Pink roses, blue hydrangeas or white Lillies.

These are just a few ways you can make your bedroom summer-ready. The key is to focus on serene colour palettes. Just remember, all you need is white summer linens, bright fun accents, and of course the right room accessories to achieve your fabulous summer makeover. So all the best rearranging and redecorating and do not forget to share your results with us. Hope you enjoyed our bedroom decoration tips.